At Leaves, we really love talking to our customers. We talk with you on a daily basis, both online and offline, about topics that matter to you. Many of these conversations include pasta of course!

What’s also interesting is how often the topic cost is mentioned.

What comes to your mind when thinking about cost of wheat pasta?

This answer is not as straight-forward as you might think right now!

You see, different people think about cost in different ways. When it comes to the cost of wheat pasta, most people can be divided into one of three groups:

1. Money. If you fall into this category, you may be wondering things as:How much money will it cost me to make a pasta meal? What ingredients will I need to add to my pasta to make a healthy meal?

2. Health. These are the people who care about their bodies and minds. If this is you, you are aware that certain foods can help you feel better, and others can hinder how you perform in your day. Your questions are then often about vitamins, minerals and macronutrients.

3. Environment. If you’re part of this group, you wonder about the environmental impact of different ingredients, as you’ll know that not all ingredients have the same effect on greenhouse gas emissions.

As we very much love discussing these different topics around the cost of pasta, we decided to share these facts with you in the shape of an infographic below.

(Please note that on some devices this might take a few seconds to load, thanks for your patience!)

So there you have it!

These are the facts we love sharing with you to help you make decisions about the cost of wheat pasta.

As you could see, there are significant cost savings to be made when you switch from wheat pasta to a pulse and seed based pasta, such as our Leaves #PastaMagic.

We would love to hear which kind of cost you thought of initially, and if the infographic told you anything that you hadn’t considered before. Which type of cost saving is most important to you?

About Leaves

Leaves' first product, #PastaMagic, is the first pasta in the world that is crafted to let you glow. It's wheat-free, there's no bloating, and it's full of protein and fibre. A pasta that leaves you satisfied, energised and wonderful!

Leaves exists to make caring for yourself easier, so that you will feel amazing and do wonderful things. When you are at your best, you can encourage your loved ones more passionately too.

Leaves was founded by Nico and Sabine, a husband and wife team.

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