Pasta Memories – Pasta and love

Pasta Memories – Pasta and love

What do you cook on a first date?

Now it wasn’t exactly our first date, but it was indeed the first time we cooked and ate something together at my place in Amsterdam.

Sabine and I approached the open space where living room and kitchen were located, scouting for something we could prepare without having to get to the store to buy additional ingredients.

Yes, your guess is right, we found pasta. Our love, a story that brought us together for more than 4 years now, with a beautiful son joining the family last year, developed around a Dutch table, eating pasta.

Of course we never thought about it that way, but it is true that day was one of the definying moment of our relation, one of those stories we always remember and tell to each other…

…do you remember that day and that delicious pasta with tomato sauce and peas?

The recipe

Of course as an Italian man, in front of a beautiful Dutch woman, I would use every weapon to impress and try to win her over.

So I thought pasta would serve me well, and it did!

“It is important to add enough water so that the pasta won’t stick together and cook evenly” I’d say…

Then we put a pan next to the pot of boiling water, added some oil and sliced onions and after a couple of minutes added the tomato sauce.

“I always like to take some of the pasta cooking water, where the starch accumulated, and pour it in the sauce so that it can get even creamier”

Then we added the peas to the sauce and seasoned with salt to taste, a bit of oregano and a touch of sugar because “my grandma always used to add sugar to the sauce to compensate the acidity of the tomatoes”

Lastly, “I like to drain the pasta one minute before it’s ready and finish it in the pan with the sauce, so it can absorb the flavours better”.

We both remember that plate as delicious, that day as beautiful. As for my attempts to impress Sabine, well it seems that in a way or the other they worked!

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