Leaves PastaMagic

Made with just Buckwheat and Chickpeas, it’s the first pasta specifically created to let you feel great!


Feel satisfied, because of its rich, nutty taste;

Feel energised, thanks to the protein content and the slow carbs;

Feel wonderful, knowing that you are eating 100% clean food, which is free from wheat, dairy and egg. You’ll be absolutely free from bloating!

Made in Italy with traditional methods

It takes almost 10 times longer to craft Leaves PastaMagic than it does to make mass-produced pasta.
This gentle process is our most precious secret. The pasta is never exposed to high temperatures to ensure delicious texture and nutrient-packed bites! There are no gums or additives, so you’ll have a pure and unique experience.

Finally a wheat-free pasta that tastes fantastic!

2 simple, outstanding ingredients

Buckwheat and chickpeas are two wonderful plants. They are both high in protein and in fibre. This perfect combination provides the body with the perfect balance of minerals, vitamins and macro-nutrients. Plus, they taste absolutely divine! The fact that we use only these 2 ingredients makes Leaves PastaMagic free from grains altogether! It is suitable for many diets as it is wheat, dairy and egg free.

A pasta that gives you more protein than a serving of salmon!


More protein

More than 16g per serving!


Less carbs

Low GI: feel fuller for longer


No Bloating

Feel light and energised


Wheat free

Just 2 ingredients, 100% clean

Be proud every time you show some love to yourself

We believe that taking care of yourself is an act of courage and generosity. It is not easy to step back and focus on just yourself, nourish your body and your mind. However, only when this happens you have the energy and focus you need to do wonderful things, enhance your life and the lives of others. Make your community, and the whole world a little bit better.

We founded Leaves to help you glow even more: to make it a little bit easier to be the happiest, healthiest version of yourself.
Because we all need you to shine!

You are doing great, keep going

Sabine Hobbel and Nico Olivieri

Founders, Leaves

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Note: Each case contains a minimum of 12 full portions

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