Our Story

Leaves is a family business.

We believe food is health, therefore it should be clean, natural and nutritious.

We believe food is pleasure as well, so we make it as delicious and high-quality as we can.

We believe food is fun, that’s why we try to offer convenient solutions so that you can focus on creating and sharing.

Our first range is #PastaMagic, a super pasta that is healthy (high in protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals), delicious (made using the best traditional Italian processes) and convenient (it cooks “al dente” in just 5 minutes!)


September 13, 2008

Nico moved to Amsterdam on a late summer day. He took the train so he could bring backpack, luggages and his guitars. He left Milano and his work in Greenpeace, because he wanted to experience life abroad. He picked Amsterdam because that was where the HQ of Greenpeace International were based (“you never know, maybe […]


May 31, 2011

After a couple of years studying and working in Edinburgh (and before then Rotterdam, Hobart in Tasmania and Utrecht), Sabine moved to Amsterdam. She got a job at the University in health research and she was happy to be close again to family and old friends. It was the first time for her living in […]

Love in a deli

July 30, 2011

Nico and Sabine met that afternoon in Nico’s Italian Deli. No, he didn’t keep working for Greenpeace, nor in any other communication role (the field he held a BA in). He changed his career to pursue one of his biggest passions: cooking. So he trained, worked as a chef, got hired to cook at private […]

A corporate catering

September 1, 2013
Leaves - Plant-based excellence

Things went fast after that day in Amsterdam: they moved in together and in February 2013 they moved to Ireland, a land that Nico learnt to love during many trips in the years before, and that Sabine was extremely excited to discover for the first time. The same year, they started “Leaves – Natural Catering”, […]

A Pasta dream

February 8, 2014

Nico realised he somehow became wheat intolerant thanks to a nutritionist that suggested an elimination diet to fix his recent problems. No wheat means no pasta! No wait, there has to be a solution, we are a half-Italian family, we need our pasta! But when they went to stores and tried out many gluten-free alternatives, […]

Leaves: Pasta Family

September 1, 2014

Months of hard work, and the successful graduation from SuperValu’s Food Academy programme, brought new confidence in the husband and wife team, which was now decided to release their Artisan Pasta range: slow dried, nutritious and tasty pasta made with rye, spelt and buckwheat. Packaging still had to be finalised and distributors had to be […]

Pasta with Benefits

July 13, 2015
#LeavesPastaWithBenefits available at most @supervalu_irl and www.leavespurefood.com #glutenfree #singleportion #cleanliving #cleaneating #instafood #guiltfreefood #nutrition #healthyeating #healthychoices #healthyliving

When these two set their mind on something, they just make it happen. So it is no surprise that their pasta dream actually started to become real. The pasta eventually got stocked by health stores and specialty shops nationwide, and in February they reached SuperValu stores in the Dublin area. In the meanwhile, aiming for […]

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